Cuomo LLC recognized early on that the rising use and popularity of the Internet brought new and difficult legal challenges to individuals and businesses alike. Due to our early entry into this arena, Cuomo LLC is now recognized as an industry leader in the field and our attorneys have been retained as advocates and as expert witnesses in courts across the country.    

Our intellectual property practice has also been highly active in pursuing and defending claims of copyright and trademark infringement in a variety of industries including photography, fashion, beauty, entertainment and media companies, and restaurants.    

  • Claims relating to website content – We have helped numerous websites deal with issues regarding the content of their websites, including defending against copyright infringement claims; trademark infringement claims; Federal and State business practices’ claims; defamation; and libel.
  • Website Start-Ups – Doing business on the web requires proper terms of service and end user license agreements as well making sure that your business is compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and laws in all of the States in which you choose to do business or send your products. We will assist you in making sure that your site does not get shut down as soon as it’s launched because of a failure to include proper and required language.
  • Cyber-Stalking and Business Reputation Matters – We have successfully protected individuals and businesses from harmful and false smear campaigns on the Internet. Often, the Internet can be used as a tool for stalking or identity theft; it can also be an easy way for a business competitor to harm your company’s reputation. We have helped many individuals respond to these forms of attack. Our lawyers also often provide pro bono assistance to victims of Revenge Porn.
  • Copyright and Trademark Claims – We have prosecuted and defended claims of copyright and trademark infringement in a variety of fields. From sending or responding to cease and desist letters and DMCA takedown notices to instituting or defending lawsuits brought over copyright or trademark claims, our intellectual property experience can help you navigate through this complex area of law.
  • Digital Image Litigation – Cuomo LLC is recognized as a leader in the field of digital image rights and digital image litigation. We have represented photographers in pursuit of claims over stolen or misused digital photographs as well as defended hundreds and hundreds of businesses in claims brought by digital image warehouses like Getty Images, Masterfile, Corbis and others.

How We’re Better
  • We’re Internet savvy – By reason of our early entry into the field of Internet-related law, we have become very familiar with the ever-evolving technology and new legal issues raised as result of the changing landscape.

  • We’re courtroom savvy - Our attorneys are skilled litigators with hundreds of hours of trial experience. If litigation is necessary, no firm can represent you better. Because of our litigation experience, we can often help clients avoid the courtroom altogether by properly structuring contracts and business practices in ways that help ward off litigation in the first place.

  • We keep costs down - We use small legal teams that are responsible for a case from inception to resolution. This achieves maximum results with the greatest efficiency. We can also help you cut costs and minimize risks through the skillful use of mediation and arbitration when appropriate.

  • We’re responsive – we pride ourselves on communicating regularly and effectively with our clients. With our firm, you get the experience and skill of a large-scale law firm with the flexibility and responsiveness of our litigation boutique.
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