Cuomo LLC’s employment law practice is among the most experienced and respected in New York State. The practice is led by Oscar Michelen who has litigated extensively in Federal and State courts on behalf of privately-held businesses and public sector employers for over thirty years.

How We’re Better

We help you avoid risk

We work with you to implement employee relations policies that are based on best practices and will help you avoid costly disputes and/or litigation.

We keep costs down

We use small legal teams that are responsible for a case from inception to resolution. This achieves maximum results with the greatest efficiency. We can also help you cut costs and minimize risks through the skillful use of mediation and arbitration.

We have litigation expertise

Our attorneys are skilled litigators with hundreds of hours of trial experience. If litigation is necessary, no firm can represent you better.

We understand complex litigation

We’re experts in litigating complicated cases that require a great deal of technical expertise and a firm grasp of myriad details.

Employment agreements

We negotiate and craft all types of employment agreements, ranging from employment contracts to severance packages.

Employment disputes

We represent employers in all manner of litigation in from intake through apeal in State and Federal courts; arbitrations and mediations; and before governmental agencies. We experience and have obtained successful outcomes ina wide variety of disputes and claims, including:

  • Wage and Hour disputes under the Fair Labor Standards Act and NYS Labor law;
  • Overtime and Tip Credit claims;
  • Civil Rights matters brought by private attorneys and governmental agencies with claims including age, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, and sexual orientation as well as class and collective actions;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act claims regarding lack of access and accommodation;
  • Retaliation, whistle-blower and First Amendment claims brough by discharged employees

Breaches of non-compete agreements; employment agreements; and thefts of trade secrets     For more information about our employment law practice, contact Oscar Michelen at at 516-741-3222.