CUOMO LLC’s insurance coverage group is led by Matthew A. Cuomo who has advised nationally-known and local insurance carriers for over two decades. Cuomo LLC has extensive experience representing insurance carriers in disputes over insurance coverage. Our services include:

Determinations of coverage

We examine insurance policies and determine whether coverage exists for the claims at issue. Additionally, we provide a detailed analysis of the basis of our opinions.

Litigation regarding coverage

We represent insurance carriers in coverage disputes with policyholders or other insurance carriers regarding coverage responsibilities.

How We’re Different

We’re New York experts

We have a superior understanding of New York’s complex and idiosyncratic insurance laws.

We communicate effectively

We know how to explain difficult insurance-related concepts to jurors in a way they can understand.

We understand complex litigation

We’re experts in litigating complicated cases that require a great deal of technical expertise and a firm grasp of myriad details.

We foster a culture of extreme preparedness

We prepare every case as if we’re going to take a verdict, even if a settlement is a strong possibility. We put you in the most favorable position, whether the case is settled or tried.

For more information about our insurance coverage litigation practice, please contact Matthew A. Cuomo at or at (516) 741-3222.