Cuomo LLC recognized early on that the rising use and popularity of the Internet brought new and difficult legal challenges to individuals and businesses alike. This practice group is led by Oscar Michelen who has served as lead counsel in all New York area courthouses and was well as courts throughout the country. He has also served as local counsel for out-of-state practitioners.

Cuomo LLC has represented individuals and businesses ina wide variety of claims, including:


  • Claims relating to website content
  • Copyright infringement regarding written content, imagery, music and film;
  • Trademark infringement claims;
  • Cyber-stalking and Business Reputation matters;
  • Digital Image litigation – claims brought by Getty Images, AdLife, Masterfile, Artists’ Rights, License Compliance Services (LCS) Photo Attorney, and others.
  • DMCA claims and DMCA takedown notices;
  • Fighting attempts to sue in out-of-state and foreign jurisdictions

How We’re Different

We’re Internet savvy

By reason of our early entry into the field of Internet-related law, we have become very familiar with the ever-evolving technology and new legal issues raised as result of the changing landscape.

We’re courtroom savvy

Our attorneys are skilled litigators with hundreds of hours of trial experience. If litigation is necessary, no firm can represent you better. Because of our litigation experience, we can often help clients avoid the courtroom altogether by properly structuring contracts and business practices in ways that help ward off litigation in the first place.

We keep costs down

We use small legal teams that are responsible for a case from inception to resolution. This achieves maximum results with the greatest efficiency. We can also help you cut costs and minimize risks through the skillful use of mediation and arbitration when appropriate.

We’re responsive

we pride ourselves on communicating regularly and effectively with our clients. With our firm, you get the experience and skill of a large-scale law firm with the flexibility and responsiveness of our litigation boutique.

For more information about Internet Law and Intellectual Property practice, please contact Oscar Michelen at or call 516-741-3222.